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Scottish Futures Trust

Supporting Scotland's public sector on its journey to net zero


The Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) was established in 2008 as an arms’ length company owned by Scottish Government where, as infrastructure specialists, it works hand in hand with the public and private sectors to maximise the benefits coming from their infrastructure projects – whether that is how they are paid for, how they are built, how they are used or how they are maintained.

SFT’s Net Zero Buildings team has led on the development and roll out of the Standard, working closely with other SFT workstreams to incorporate their initiatives into the Standard:

  • The Place workstream leads on Objective 1 Inclusive Net Zero Economy Outcomes;
  • The Management Activities of the Standard draw heavily on best practice in areas such as construction quality and information management that SFT’s Improving Project Delivery and Infrastructure Technology workstreams lead on;
  • The Learning Estate workstream manages the Learning Estate Investment Programme on behalf of the Scottish Government, which shares a number of carbon and indoor environmental quality objectives in common with the Standard.

During 2022, SFT's Operational Contract Management workstream team published its Guidance to pathways to net zero for assets delivered under PPP contracts. The objective of this guidance is to provide direction on how to adopt a systematic approach to the delivery of a net zero transition within this unique sector.

For more information on the Standard and the Scottish Futures Trust, please contact either via or

Scottish Futures Trust

The Scottish Futures Trust is a Scottish public sector body established by the Scottish Government to drive innovation and reform in public infrastructure in Scotland. Its mission is to support the delivery of high-quality, sustainable public infrastructure and to promote the use of innovative financing and procurement methods.