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Standard Document Suite

The original Standard Document Suite was launched in 2021 to address new buildings and major refurbishment.

In August 2023, the scope of the Standard was extended to add the transition of existing buildings to meet their net zero deadlines to the original focus on new buildings. Subsequently, documents in this suite will be progressively re-released to reflect this.

The legacy documents released in 2021 that remain relevant to new buildings and to large or complex construction interventions on existing buildings, are included on this page.

Participants should note that the approach to existing buildings allows them considerably more flexibility to adjust their scope and targets than is the case for new buildings. This is not stated in documents dating from 2021 and Participants should be mindful of the changes in the Standard when using them.

The order in which these documents will be re-released will be demand-driven and Participants are encouraged to get in touch to discuss their Project-specific needs for documents to be updated or new documents produced. Major revisions to the Standard are anticipated to take place every five years from 2025.

Net Zero Public Sector Buildings Standard

The Net Zero Public Sector Buildings Standard is a voluntary standard, owned by the Scottish Government and applicable to public sector new-build and major refurbishment projects.

The Glossary and Abbreviations define the purpose of the Standard and inform its application.


The Requirements document sets out the key Objectives, sub-criteria, targets and other elements that must be achieved to enable a Participant's Declaration of Compliance with the Requirements of the Standard.

Sector Guides

The Standard is designed to support variations in how it is applied across different sectors of the public sector.

Local Authority Area Guides

The Guide empowers local authorities to set out how their Net Zero policies can be furthered by Projects that adopt the Standard in their local authority areas. This could range from raising awareness of area based energy efficiency schemes and setting out Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies to Net Zero Deadlines.

Tools and Templates

The Standard Document Suite's Tools and Templates are intended to support Participants to articulate their approach to setting targets, check designs’ progress against targets; to review in-use performance and other activities to progress the adoption of the Standard on Projects.

Management Activities

The first step towards adopting the Standard is to complete a Project Registration Form and email it to The form is available as both a standalone Word document and as a tab on the ‘Activity and Compliance Tracker’ Excel Workbook. Completing the Form in the workbook integrates it into reporting activities.

Case Studies

The case studies provide thumbnail sketches of key features of projects that have contributed to the development of the Standard and showcase the outcomes that can be achieved by adopting it.