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National Services Scotland

The Net Zero Public Sector Buildings Standard is a voluntary standard, owned by the Scottish Government and applicable to public sector new build and major refurbishment projects.


NHS Scotland Assure leads on the development and roll-out of the Standard for the Healthcare Estate. The Standard is applied in conjunction with governance, assurance and assessment process that apply to healthcare facilities projects, the most directly linked of which is SHTN 02-01 Sustainable Design and Construction Guide.  

The Sustainable Design and Construction Guide is NHS Scotland's response to Scottish Government’s climate emergency declarations and related national commitments. It details the process and various approaches, actions plus considerations required to deliver sustainable performance outcomes, with additional supporting standards, signposting to good practice case studies and reference to a number of leading industry frameworks, methodologies and detailed sustainability targets.  

The Guide was developed in parallel with the Net Zero Public Sector Buildings Standard and signposts the Standard for the targets applicable to healthcare buildings and processes for adjusting targets. Registering a project to adopt the Standard provides a route to Certification and goes beyond the sustainability and net zero requirements of the Sustainable Design and Construction Guide.

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National Services Scotland

National Services Scotland (NSS) is a public body in Scotland that provides a range of support services to the National Health Service and other public sector organisations. NSS works to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of health and care services in Scotland by delivering shared services and implementing innovative solutions in areas such as procurement, estates and facilities management, and information technology.